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With our painting services your home or business feels like brand new

Commercial Interior Painters Cape Town – Hire the Best Residential & Commercial Painters in Cape Town

Cape Painters provide Competitive Pricing with Guaranteed Quality Painting Finishes without making use of Sub-contractors

We will help you select the Coating type that will Prolong the Performance and Lifespan of a variety of Surfaces, Our Solutions are also Aesthetically pleasing.

We provide a COMPREHENSIVE PAINTING SOLUTION and HIGH QUALITY PAINTING FINISHES at competitive prices. Proven track record of quality craftsmanship and integrity.

commercial interior painters cape town

So what sets Commercial Interior Painters Cape Town apart from the rest?

  • Our Supervisors and Painters are trained and have the experience and knowledge to properly schedule and manage the most complex of painting jobs.
  • Our painters are mobile, capable of reaching the most remote locations.
  • We are fully insured and are in good standing with the Department of Labour.
  • We offer free consulting to better inform our customers of their vast options.
  • We are competitively priced and we stand behind all of our work.
  • We have been in business since 2012 preparing surfaces and applying coatings.
  • Commercial Interior Painters Cape Town - Testimonials

    Nelia Schreuder

    Bought a house in Erinvale Golf Estate in Somerset West and Thinus and his team made the painting experience a breeze. In our absence he did a wonderful job and went the extra mile to do the things we could not do from afar. They were professional, friendly and used good quality paint and very helpful. I can recommend them for any paint job...big or small!

    Bonne Esperance

    We made the right choice! A big thank you to Thinus and his team of friendly, capable and hard-working people. We were able to host guests while they were painting the outside of the guest house and the painters were flexible and thoughtful in respecting the guests privacy and comfort. They were willing to go the extra mile and all their work was of high standard.

    Shyam & Anjana Makanje

    You have yet another raving customer!!!! Thank you so much for unbelievable painting experience!!! To both your Wayne’s, Mark, Kobus, Kelvin, Victor & Patrick & (others I may have missed out on) a big thank you for making our painting experience a happy one. For going the extra mile, getting on with the job effortlessly & cleaning up after yourselves.

    Commercial Interior Painters Cape Town - Why Us?

    painting attention to detail

    Great attention to detail
    and do quality control

    cape painters surface preparation

    Surface preparation
    enjoys top priority

    cape painters guarantee workmanship

    We guarantee highest quality workmanship & services

    Commercial Interior Painters Cape Town Striving For Perfection

    Perfect finish

    From the very beginning, we sit down with you to talk over your ideas, design requirements, budget guidelines and specific preferences. Specifications are graded on a site specific basis taking in consideration the site location, environmental and exposure conditions, and strict adherence to supplier application directives is enforced which allows for long term results and superior quality.

    Hands-on Approach

    From the first brief all the way through to successful project completion, at Painters Cape Town we work very closely with our paint coatings suppliers, ensuring adherence to supplier application directives. We also strive to understand your painting requirements first & realise them fully, carefully coordinating our teams to make sure you receive the hands-on approach you deserve.

    Professional Team

    We offer a comprehensive range of coatings in the Western Cape Paint Coatings market. By offering our customers the coatings options you can trust that your project will be done with the experience and professionalism that is required. All coatings are applied by our experienced painters with full time on-site supervisors monitoring quality including health and Safety.

    Commercial Interior Painters Cape Town - Our Painting Services

    interior painters cape town

    Indoor Painting

    Our Painters are True Professionals, skilled in the art of Interior Painting. Our hallmarks are Careful Protection of your furniture and non-painted surfaces, and finely-detailed painting work.

    exterior painters cape town

    Outdoor Painting

    Cape Painters guarantees the Highest Quality Craftsmanship. We'd love to Serve you, whether you need a Simple House washing and Touch Up, a Full Repaint or a Historic Restoration.

    roof painters cape town

    Roof Painting

    Not only does your roof keep your home watertight, it is a massive surface area that influences the entire aesthetic look of your home. First impressions count and your roof is most often the first thing people notice when visiting you

    commercial interior painters cape town

    Commercial Painting Interior

    We can promise that the same attention to detail and excellence that we apply in our clients’ homes will be put to work in your commercial space. We understand the importance of operating in a way that is convenient for you

    commercial exterior painters cape town

    Commercial Painting Exterior

    We often hear the term “curb appeal” used in reference to homes, but it is an equally important concept in the world of commercial property. Your clients and guests will form their opinions of your establishment quickly, making this first impression a critical opportunity.

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    commercial interior painters cape town

    Commercial Interior Painters Cape Town Western Cape

    Commercial Interior Painting Contractors Cape Town

    Many commercial painters have a “Let’s just get this done” attitude to commercial painting projects. They may cover your surfaces quickly, but do they stand by their work?

    At Cape Painters, we have always taken a great deal of pride in the character and craftsmanship that serve as the foundation of our standard practices. We can promise that the same attention to detail and excellence that we apply in our clients’ homes will be put to work in your commercial space.

    Because we understand the importance of operating in a way that is convenient for you, our painting services are also extremely efficient and fast. And, through the strategic use of specialized products that carries no odour, we can meet your maintenance needs in a way that minimally impacts your operations. Please head over to our Google reviews.

    Commercial Interior Painters Cape Town – Why Trust Cape Painters with Your Interior Commercial Painting Project?

    • No Questions Asked Guarantee. We are committed to doing the right thing for our customers. If you are not completely thrilled with the work we do, we will work with you to make it right. We also offer a full warranty on our work, giving you peace of mind long after we’ve driven away.
    • You are our priority, and we prove this by protecting your operations, schedule, and environment.
    • Our team consists of invested, trustworthy, full-time employees.
    • We have the tools and experience needed to finish your project. Responsive, Experienced, Guaranteed Work.
    • Your project will be overseen by experienced project managers.
    • Professional, background-checked, invested, uniformed employees (never subcontractors).
    • Careful surface preparation.
    • Thorough protection of your property.
    • We clean up on daily basis and firmly believe in using a lot of drop cloths and coverings, eliminating paint splatter.
    • High-quality applications.
    • A respectful, conscientious work environment.
    • Our friendly, dedicated team is committed to meeting each of your unique needs, providing an exceptional product that will leave the interior of your commercial space looking beautiful for years to come.
    • You can expect clear, prompt communication.
    • We offer flexible working hours to accommodate your schedule and/or deadline.
    • There are no hidden fees as our estimates are accurate and detailed.

    Contact us on 087 250 2666 for more information or a free quotation.

    Commercial Interior Painters Cape Town Southern Suburbs

    Commercial Interior Painting Services Cape Town

    Commercial Interior Painters Cape Town – Painting and Touch-Up Services for Surfaces such as

    • Interiors Walls – Plaster and Drywall
    • Ceilings- Both low and high
    • Metal Surfaces – Railings, elevators, etc.
    • Conference Areas, Break Rooms and Hallways
    • Stairwells
    • Multi colour Surfaces – This style is very popular in restaurants!
    • Corporate Office Buildings – Offices and Retail Stores
    • Shopping Centers (up to 3 stories high)
    • Strip Malls
    • Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels
    • Engineering Plants
    • Schools and Churches
    • Property Management
    • Homeowners Associations

    Commercial Painters Cape Town Interior

    Commercial Interior Painters Cape Town – Understanding What Main Line Small and Medium Businesses Need

    Small and Medium businesses are in our DNA. We understand that you need a high quality paint result that can create a professional and inviting feeling to clients, and employees alike without breaking your budget. We serve your business by offering great painting services for your commercial business.

    Working with you to find the look you want.
    Our colour consultants will work with you to get exactly the look and feel you want. Whether you are looking for a monochromatic office, a multi coloured retail outlet, an eclectic restaurant brimming with detailed stencil work, or any combination of these, we’ll make sure that you get the aesthetic look you want.

    Using the highest quality paints.
    Your business needs to look its best. With Painters Cape Town guarantee two coats of paint and primer on all jobs, using the highest-quality paint by Plascon Paints, Dulux Paints and Laminin Paints (unless a client requests otherwise).

    Eliminating surprise costs.
    Running a business is about making sure your margins add up, and unpredictable costs can quickly eat away at profits. At Cape Painters, we do a full evaluation so that we can tell you the costs upfront. If more coats are needed, we let you know in advance. We pride ourselves on being reliable in word and in deed, and not delivering any unpleasant surprises.

    Working quickly and cleanly.
    No matter what kind of business you are running, you don’t want painters getting in the way, making a mess, and driving away customers or irritating employees. We get that. At Painters Cape Town, our expansive training programs guarantee you professional painters who are trained to minimize time and maximize efficiency. We instill in our employees the importance of being courteous and respectful not just to our clients, but to yours as well, and our system helps to reduce dust and mess in your business. Bottom line, we don’t let a new coat of paint get in your way. Our commercial painting services will never slow your business down.

    Cape Painters: More Than Commercial Painting For Your Business
    At Cape Painters, we’re more than just a commercial painting company. In addition to commercial painting, we handle wall covering as well as plaster. With all of these services, you’ll enjoy the same level of professionalism, respect, and expertise that is associated with us.

    Serving Main Line Small Businesses for many Years
    In Cape Town and surrounding areas, Painters Somerset West is synonymous with professionalism. Our crews know what it takes to make your small business the best it can be, and we work with you to accomplish the look you deserve. Your success is our success, and at the end of the day, your business is our business.

    Commercial Painters Cape Town

    Commercial Interior Painters Cape Town – We Commit to:

    • Starting and finishing on time. The job will be discussed with client to make sure we meet a realistic schedule.
    • Maintain a neat, clean work environment.
    • Provide a total commitment to all details.
    • Stand behind our work.
    • If you are not entirely satisfied with the job, we’ll make it right.
    • Freshen up your interior space with a new paint application.
    • Proper preparatory work included; such as patching, sanding, caulking, sealing, etc.
    • Prime rusted, peeling and all new stucco & wood surface areas, using appropriate solutions
      Use Top of the line paint brands.
    • We clean up on daily basis and firmly believe in using a lot of drop cloths and coverings, eliminating paint splatter.
    • Cape Painters stands by our work and dedication to our craft.

    Commercial Interior Painters Cape Town  

    If you’re looking for a dependable and trustworthy Painting Company in Cape Town, Cape Painters is the painting contractor of choice. We have a proven track record of quality craftsmanship and integrity so you can be sure that your commercial interior painting project will be done with the highest degree of workmanship you’ll find in any painting contractor in the Cape Town area.

    Contact us on 087 250 2666 for more information or a free quotation.

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