Epoxy Flooring Cape Town Tips

Epoxy Flooring Cape Town Tips for Floors

Because of the many advantages that epoxy floor paint offers, this is an ideal flooring solution for many types of situations. You will find that Cape Painters’ epoxy floor paint application services can create a long lasting, hard wearing, and durable surface for your residential, commercial or industrial floors.

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Tips And Tricks For Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is composed of materials that make it durable and solid enough to deal with your everyday work in the garage or work place. Although having plain cement flooring is cheaper, an epoxy coated floor is shinier and looks more professional than an ordinary concrete floor. It will also protect your floor from cracks if ever you drop something while doing your job in the garage. If you want to have an epoxy finish for your floor, here are some tips and tricks that will help you have that perfect flooring.

Preparation – Clean Your Floor

Before you get too excited about applying the epoxy, it is necessary to clean the area or the floor first. Get a broom and a vacuum cleaner to make sure that dust and dirt won’t ruin your perfect flooring. Degreasing is also a must. So prepare a stiff brush and a degreaser for this project.

Preparation – Smoothen The Surface

If you want the epoxy to be bonded firmly to the floor’s surface, you must use some tools that will help you achieve a light sandpaper texture. To get the kind of texture that you need, you can rent a diamond grinder from tool rental stores. Using a diamond grinder allows you to get the ideal surface texture fast. Unlike acid washing or etching techniques where you still have to let the surface dry. Using acids could also be dangerous if you’re not used to utilizing such kinds of chemicals.

Room Preparation

After cleaning and smoothing the surface of the floor, it is now time to prepare the room for the painting process. Put painter’s tape and cover up the bottom parts of the walls. By doing this, you won’t get any of the paint on your walls.

Epoxy Flooring Cape Town Tips – Appearance

Doing an epoxy flooring is a fun project that would also make a big difference on how your floor will look. An epoxy finish adds a little more appeal to your workstation or your car’s parking area or other work areas. If you want to get the ideal finish, be sure to follow these tips and have a flawless epoxy floor today!

Epoxy Flooring Cape Town Tips – Service Areas;

  • We serve the greater metro Cape Town area including;
  • Cape Town, Sea Point, Camps Bay
  • Southern Suburbs of Cape Town
  • Table View, Melkbosstrand
  • Northern Suburbs of Cape Town
  • Stellenbosch, Boland, Helderberg area
  • Coastal towns in the Overberg area

Our epoxy flooring systems are world class, and whether you are a large, medium or small enterprise, our highly trained epoxy flooring specialists will ensure you get the results you expect.

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