Roof Painters Cape Town Tips

Roof Painters Cape Town Tips – Guide

Roof painting seems only but a simple thing that we really do not give much attention to. Here at a Cape Painters we value roof painting because of the many advantages that this simple service brings.

Roof Painting Cape Town – The best time of the year to repaint your roof will obviously be in the months with the least annual rainfall. Choose a day or two where no rain is expected. This will give you enough time to prepare the surface appropriately and allow the roof paint to dry properly between coats.

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Cape Painters – Make it a Roof Painting Adventure

We all want our houses to look stylish and well maintained, but we often forget one feature when we are thinking of maintenance and decorating, the roof. Not only does your roof keep your home watertight, it is a massive surface area that influences the entire aesthetic look of your home. First impressions count and your roof is most often the first thing people notice when visiting your home, so it would be wise not to neglect it and keep it well maintained at all times. South African weather is dynamic, ranging from hot and wet summers, to cold and dry winters. This extreme weather has a big impact on your roof!

Does your roof look tired and old?

Is it still functioning fine but just needs a face lift? The good news for homeowners who have a good quality roof, but for whatever reason it has decided to turn ugly, is that you can renew your roof by painting it. When you provide a fresh coat of paint onto your roof it will transform the appearance of your entire home.

In the past, most homeowners painted their roof with either a brown or terra-cotta shade. Today however, there are a wide range of beautiful colors to choose from. Maybe it’s time to be a little bit adventurous and choose one of these fantastic looking designer colors for your roof. There is no doubt that if you do your home will be the main attraction in the neighborhood.

Roof Painters Cape Town Tips – Importance of Roof Preparation

When painting a roof it is important to begin with proper preparation. Yes, preparation before painting is a drag but it is also the most crucial part of any paint job. Begin by removing all loose debris and leaves that are clogging up your gutters. Eliminate flaky paint from your roof by scrubbing it with a wire brush. After scrubbing wash it down with soapy water.

Using a high pressure cleaner will make the job easier and quicker and you can rent these units a your local hardware store. If you discover mold or fungi growth on your roof you will need to mix 4 parts water with 1 part bleach. Grab a scrub brush and scrub vigorously. Allow the roofing tiles to dry before applying the paint.

Choosing a Paint

Choose a good quality paint that will not fade, crack, or peel. The paint should also be heat, light, and water resistant. Double check that the paint you choose will work on your particular roof. Make sure that you are safe by using the right type of ladder and shoes with good traction.

We have a dedicated team of the most experienced roof painters in Cape Town with many years of extensive experience. They are highly skilled, trained in working safely at heights and pride themselves on attention to detail. Our team of painters will take the greatest care of your tiles by hand painting rather than spray painting, ensuring a higher quality paint finish that will outlast your neighbours’ roofs.

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