Heat Resistant Paint Cape Town

Heat Resistant Paint Cape Town – Applications

Passive fire protection materials insulate steel structures from the effects of the high temperatures that may be generated in fire. Fire Protection is a moral and legal requirement to ensure the safety of people at work and at home. If appropriate fire safety provisions are not made, including passive fire protection, the economic and social effects of fire could be catastrophic.

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Heat Resistant Paint Cape Town – Usage

There are many different applications for heat resistant paint. It is mainly used for flame control and heat protection. On the market today, there are a wide range of heat resistant paint varieties. Each variety will have its specific characteristics and heat tolerance levels which will allow it to be used for specific purposes.

Heat resistant paint is usually referred to either as intumescent paint or heat resistant paint. A paint that is used to prevent flames from spreading is called a fire retardant paint. Heat resistant paints can be applied by spray or brush. Most varieties come in various colours but the most popular colour is matt black.

The characteristics of heat resistant paint will be different depending on the intended use and the manufacturer. Some of the differences include curing temperature, ingredients, type of cure, and most importantly, temperature tolerance.

Besides being resistant to heat these type of paints are also very durable. They will form a tough corrosion type of surface that is also resistant to weathering. Some of the main uses for heat resistant paint include ovens, kilns, fireplaces, chimneys, steam pipes, grills, boilers, automobile engines, and stoves.

When using heat resistant paint you will need to prepare the surface before applying. You do this by removing all of the oil, graphite, grease or whatever is on the surface that is to be painted. If you are painting over an enamel surface then you must remove the gloss with sandpaper. This will allow the paint to adhere to the surface.

When the surface is flat, you can begin painting. Never use paint thinners because of their being highly inflammable. When cleaning use a white cloth as opposed to a colour cloth. Coloured cloths have a tendency to bleed dye upon the surface. Finally, never forget to wear protective goggles, mask, and gloves when using this type of paint.

Heat Resistant Paint Cape Town – Applications


Boilers are devices used for heating water as well as other liquids producing steam as well as heat that may be generated for many other applications. Temperatures in the boiler can reach very high levels thus making it necessary to apply a heat resistant coating.


Fire pits and grills are very popular for outdoor cooking any moment the elements allows for it. A heat resistant coating is essential for these appliances, considering that the surfaces are continually exposed to naked flames, smoke, and char. An exceptional heat resistant coating should last for a long time without disintegrating, flaking, or peeling.


Fireplaces play a crucial role of adding comfort and warmth to your surrounding. Today, a growing number of designs emphasize appearance too. A heat resistant coating can withstand flames and high temperatures in the fireplace, lasts over other sorts of paints, and boosts the attractiveness of the fireplace.

Vehicle Transmission & Exhaust Systems

Vehicle transmission and exhaust systems reach extremely high temperatures during operation. Regular paints degrade inside a limited time and worsen the vehicle’s operational capability. A heat resistant coating resists the heat and lasts a lot longer.


Fans in residential and industrial applications can heat if operated continuously. A heat resistant coating on the appliance may help prevent rust formation and protects the top from moisture and grease formation.


Chimneys are constantly subjected to very high temperatures over extended periods. A heat resistant coating will protect the outer lining in addition to reducing the likelihood of fire due to overheating. It is very important in improving the safety of chimneys.


Stoves that burn charcoal, wood, or other sorts of fuel, are appliances utilized for heating or cooking purposes. Furnaces utilized to provide heat in living areas, are also similar used. A heat resistant coating helps you to protect the appliance and withstands flames, heat, smoke, and fumed for some time.

Steam Pipes

Steam pipes are normally used in heating systems and related applications for transmitting steam. A heat resistant coating is normally used to making sure that the pipes go longer as well as to protect them from corrosion and rust.

Cape Painers‘ durable intumescent fire protection coatings give you reliable fire protection, lower maintenance requirements and improved long-term performance. Used around the globe on a wide range of structures, from the steel frames of sports stadia to airports and skyscrapers, our fire protection coatings are formulated for quick application, either onsite or offsite.

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Topic: Heat Resistant Paint Cape Town – Applications

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